“Dear Julia, Thank you so much for that amazing AFT session! I loved it! I can feel the last bits of debris being whisked away. Wow! Wow! Wow! Did I mention, WOW?!”
Pam H., Hawaii
“Julia, I feel so strengthened by our session! Thank you!”
Julie L., Chicago, IL
“Dear Julia, I’m so glad I followed my intuition to contact you. Thank you so much for bringing your gift to the world, and to our Akashic Therapy session. I feel a lot moving at this time, and a feeling of relief and ‘let go’. I’ve been able to rest within myself more in the last couple of days which is wonderful!”
Kim C., British Columbia, Canada
“Thank you Julia and thank you for all your help with the Akashic therapy. This is already a very powerful experience and I look forward to seeing what the next 30 days bring!”
Michelle C., New York City
“I am amazed at how accurate the AFT session was. How on earth did you know all that without even talking to me first? I am so glad I chose to experience this. I feel as if I am finally letting go of all the old baggage that was keeping me from moving forward in my life!”
Julie S., New York City
“Dear Julia, I already feel like a different person since our Akashic Session and know that this process of clearing is what I need the most at this time. Thank you for all your help. I will be touch with you in a few months for a follow-up session!”
Susan L., NYC
“Dear Julia, I felt the AFT reading was extremely accurate! You were well-prepared, and your explanations of past life findings (limiting belief, stored trauma, etc.) were very helpful, intelligent, clear and caring. I appreciated your recommendations for adjunct and follow-up work (flower essence, bodywork, etc.)

After the reading today, I easily finished some work tonight that I’d been putting off for quite a few weeks! I did feel markedly different today: more relaxed with less tension in the house. I also slept very well last night!

Julia, your gifts are remarkable. Thank you.”
Carol D., New Jersey


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